How to make a great project



What makes a good project?

What do you do to make great projects? Do you use a lot of values? Do you add colors or moving objects?

What makes someone want look at a project?

Please tell other Hopscotchers what you do to make a good project! What are your strategies? How much effort do you put into your projects?

What do you think makes a good project?

Share your strategies and tips with the community on how to make a good project! :blush::smiley::wink:

Gobli's General Topic II 🤔

Thanks @Madi_Hopscotch_ :blush:Most Hopscotchers Want To Make An Amazing Project That Dazzles Everyone Else, And Could Get Featured, But They Are Fresh Out Of Ideas...:unamused:I Think Most Hopscotchers Should Use This Technique:

  1. Get A Character Like Bear Or Chillanna, Or Just A Text Block
  2. Play Around With The Codes: Leave A Trail, Invisibility, Shrink, Grow, Repeat, Anything You Can Combine Works! Then Just Simply Run What You Have.
  3. Mess Around With The Code Some More. You Could Try To Shape What You Already Have Into Art, Or A Play, Perhaps? Maybe Even Try To Use Values, For All You Fellow Advanced Hopscotchers!
  4. Compare Your Project To Other Hopscotchers Projects! Try To Mix Up All The Projects You Like, Plus Yours, Add The Code, And Roll It All Into One! Then Poof! You Have An Ever-Mazing Project!

Hope This Helps! Remember, You Can Ask Me Any Question You Like! If You Have A Question, I Have An Answer!:kissing_heart:



I think an awesome project is any that I can see someone has put their best effort into, or makes me smile :smile: Just try your very best in what you do and it will be great!


For me, it doesnt really matter whether I like the idea or not, or if I have fun playing it, it is the effort I see was put into it. Sure, having a fun game is awesome, but if you can look at a project and say "I put time and effort into this project and I love my result" then you most definitely have a great project. As t1 said, just do your best and no matter what you do it will be great.


Check this out


@SweetCry_Hopscotch explained this very nicely:

I love how she explained it! Now, my tips.

  1. Do the tutorials, then spice your game/ project up a bit by adding extra features, like in Angry Birds, the ability to choose the pigs and bird!
  2. Play around with other people's projects, and change the code up a bit. Don't forget to give credit! :smiley_cat:
  3. For you advanced hopscotchers, get inspiration from certain things, like I do in Minecraft. Make a replica of your house, for example! Or make a working television! The sky's the limit! :smiley:
  4. Finally, for you beginner Hopscotchers, spice up your "My First Project" by playing with abilities and easy blocks, like Wait and Move Forward.
    Have fun making a cool project!


What you need to do is add good colors that fit in. This is a scientific theory that if you use colors that are not intimidating, you will have a cool project, like if you use red, that is intimidating.

But if you use blue, it is waaay less intimidating, so people are more likely to click on it.


A good name that is intriguing helps a lot as well as good looks and a start screen!


This is such a good tip @Madi_Hopscotch_ wow it is amazing good job


Agreeing with @Anonymous