How to make a giant emoji spinner



Want To make this

First open a new project. Then open the create tab. Tap on text

You don't have to name it but you can.
Now add a new rule. When the play button is tapped. Put a repeat block and in the repeat block put 20. Inside the repeate block put create clone. And then a increase value block. For the value create a new one called clone count.
and increase it by 1. Then after the increase value block put wait 50 milliseconds. It should look like this.
Then get out of that rule then create a new rule. Tap more and find when character is cloned tap that. Then add a set position block. In the x part put + in. In the first blank go to values choose Texts x position.
Then in the second blank put another + . And in the first blank put 25. Then in the second blank put the value clone count. And for the Y put 400.
Now add a set text block. Tap the keyboard button and add whatever emojis you want but it can only 3 lines.
Now put a repeat forever block and in it put a turn block and inside the blank put -2
Now press play


Thanks! This is an awesome project! Can't wait to make one!


This is a great tutorial, @turtle_fredie!! Thanks so much for posting! I love the screenshots and explanations :smiley:


This is very cool @Turtle_Fredie! Like @Liza said, you did a very nice job on the tutorial using screenshots and you explained things very well. Keep up the great posts on the forum! :grinning::wink:


I agree @Madi_Hopscotch_! I one year bumped this as well