How To Make A Fading Colors Background!

The absolute finished project is in my project the inside of the lava lamp.
Take out a text block and give it this code. You may recognize the fading code. This is the main code throughout the project.

The color can be any color of your choosing.
Check out the link: if you don’t have the black cube.
Use the same code, switching the fade in and fade out, and using 100 percent invisibility. Don’t forget to use a different color.



How did you get that shape in the set text block? (That rectangle shape in the set text block)

If you look at the top of the post it says how

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@SQUISHY, I think this is so cool! I made a project using it! (I gave you credit, don't worry! :wink:)


Thank you for helping me!!!

O wait I already figured this out

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