How to make a Emoji Wave


Hey! Does anyone wanna know how to make a emoji wave? The video can help, but if you don't want to watch a video, you're in the right place!
Here's what an emoji wave will look like in the final product:

Here's the first step, copy these rules. First, add a text object, open it, put nothing, and press CANCEL. Now, add a new rule. Make it when the play button is tapped, then copy this.
The second step, add another rule to the same text object. Make it when character is cloned. The text (emoji) can be whatever you'd like. If you don't have emoji, then go to Settings, General, Keyboard, add a new keyboard, and find Emoji. It should be between Dutch and Estonian.
Now, make the background. Grab another text object, and do the same with the other text object. Open the text object, name it nothing, and press cancel. Then, add a new rule. Make it when the play button is tapped. Cover the whole screen with ANY color you like. Just copy these rules, and make it any color.
If you wanna make your background rainbow, I'm gonna show you a little hack. What you do, is for the color make it RANDOM COLOR. Then, get a Repeat Forever block, and put the leave a trail block into the repeat forever block.
Now you have a cool Emoji Wave!


The random color in a repeat forever is not a hack
Back on topic: great use of screenshots @HappyDolphin


@Gabe_N It's a trick in Hopscotch. I thought it was.. :o


It's ok so let's get started on that fire bunny ok?


Ok.. Can we start tomorrow? And, give me screenshots of what I have to do (I'm not good at coding :/)


Ok but I have school tomorrow (it's the first day:grinning::smile::smiley::grinning::smile::smiley:) and what time zone are you in


EST is my time zone.


So is mine so at like 5:00 PM


Ok, then! :smiley_cat:


My Time Zone Is Pacific. Though, You Really Shouldn't Ask People For Personal Info.


This is a really clear and helpful tutorial @HappyDolphin :smile: I love your use of screenshots and short paragraphs.

That's right @HopscotchArtAndGames we shouldn't ask people for personal info. It's okay if they want to share something that is okay, like first name or age which Hopscotch says are okay. Time zone I think is okay too, as it's just a general location.

Great tutorial again @HappyDolphin!