How to make a drawing project



Easy! I do it in 12 seconds!
1. Make new project.
2. Get a object by touching the plus button.
3. Tap the object and touch add new rule.
4. Your "When" should be when device screen is pressed.
5. If you do not see "When blank is pressed", press more.
6. Go to "Drawing" and pull out "Leave a trail block".
7. Edit the color to your choice.
8. Change width to your choice.
9. Pull out " Move Forward" block and drag it into block menu.
10. Go to "Movement" and drag out the " Set position" block.
11. Put it in the "Leave a trail" block.
12. Touch the X bubble
13. Go to values.
14. Pick " Last touch X"
15. Do the same with Y but pick " Last touch Y"
16. Touch out of rule.
17. Add new rule.
18. Your "when" should be " When device is tapped".
19. Go to " movement".
20. Drag out " set position" block.
21. Put value " last touch X" in X and " last touch y" in Y.
22. Test it then publish.
Tell me any questions.


Nice tutorial! To make it faster you can use the move to my finger block and use that instead!


I know, but I wanted to do it old fashioned before the update.


Awesome! You should add images for visual learners! :wink:


How? I've tried everything I can think of.


There is a good tutorial here! Ask your mom or dad to download Skitch for you. :wink:


Did it, can you give some instructions?


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How did you do that? Add the video?


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Oh, makes sense now.