How to Make a Custom Speedrun Page

Idea thanks to Temm, LittleNoobyBoi, MinecraftNoob, and possibly more that I missed!

So this idea of making a custom community speedrun seems to be getting popular, whether an entire challenge or just a part of one. To help encourage more coding and modding, I’ve decided to make a tutorial on how you can make your very own speedrun!

  1. Get started: Know what projects you want to include. Save a draft of each one.
  2. Add just one block with modding – you can use either the HS Project Builder (recommended) or the Legacy Siri Shortcut (might not work for all of you). Do this one time or until it works for each draft
    How to: Shortcut
    1. Make sure the draft is the most recent.
    2. Run the shortcut, and make sure to sort the files by date.
    3. Select the first file (it should show the edited time, which should be the same as your system time or a minute off).
    4. Choose “Don’t show” preview and choose to modify “Abilities”
    5. Choose “ae_json_edit”
    6. Instead of using {secret_blocks}, remove that and paste this in the text field:

    1. Click “Done”, then “Done” again, then “Done” one more time, and save the file to iPad\Hopscotch\json_projects and REPLACE the file.
    2. You should find this block somewhere:

      Copy it, and paste it to be run whenever the game finishes.

    It is pretty much the same as doing this, except pasting the given code above instead of saving {secret_blocks}

    How to: Project Builder
    1. Make sure the draft is the most recent.
    2. Load the Project Builder, then click “Open” and “Choose File”. Make sure to sort the files by date.
    3. Select the first file (it should show the edited time, which should be the same as your system time or a minute off). Once it loads, take note of the UUID, as you will need it later.
    4. Find where you want the finish block to be run in the project, and drag in a change pose block.
    5. Click the pencil, and you should see the block’s code come up. Delete everything, and paste this:

    If you did that correctly, you should see this:

    1. Click Save, then click “Save” in the project controls. (If you don’t have the import shortcut already, download it here).
    2. REMOVE -2 (or -3 or whatever) FROM THE END OF THE FILENAME OR THIS WILL NOT WORK. (This is something iOS does that I cannot change) Then save to iPad\Hopscotch\json_projects and make sure a replace prompt shows up. If it does, click replace, and you did it correctly. The saving process should look similar to this.
    3. Move, cut, copy or paste the block as you need, and you are done.

  1. Whew, that was a mouthful. Once you have that block in place for every project, go here:

    Paste the UUIDs of your projects in the order you would like them to be played, pressing “Add” or the enter key after each one. You will get an error if the finish block is not detected in the project.

    *Note: if you are on a phone, turn it sideways – I haven’t gotten to styling the table properly yet.

  1. Once done, click “Share” and the link will be copied!


  1. Join your project IDs together with + between each one: test+10vckwnkz4+10n9bb2meq
  2. Add before that, making the URL the following: (this URL does work, but you won’t be able to beat it since the finish block is not accessible in the first project)

Hope you Enjoy – and here are a few examples:

Easter 2020 Platformer
Bear’s Adventure
Escape HSHQ #HHC19
The first two games of Pi Run

If you need help, just ask!




Woah, that’s really cool!
I’ll make one for my platformer when it’s finished.


Brain = Exploded


That’s absolutely insane


If you wanted to have multiple levels of the same game, would you have to insert multiple blocks, or change the code and have one level per draft?


This is really cool! Can you explain the concept of a speed run, I’m not really sure what it’s meant to be.


the faster time you get, the better


For this custom one, you can’t set any splits within a project, so you would either do one at the end of the game, or have one level per draft.


Cool idea!

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Thank you for this AE

I will now yoink this >:)