How to make a cool background!



So hey everyone! This is for my newest project and for other projects! 3D backgrounds for your iPad!

Make diamonds by tapping the screen, then take a screenshot, then crop it in photos, then she's as your background! It's pretty awesome! There are also flowers wallpaper makers and spiral wallpaper makers but mines 3D! I hope you guys like this!


I almost thought you copied someone because I knew I had seen a diamond tapper like this before but then I saw you gave credit to MagmaPOP. Good Job @SASSYSINGER . Also, how long has you hopscotch account (the one on the app) been on for. Just wondering.


I've had hopscotch since 11:34 am on January 3rd


You remember the time you joined? O_o
Must have good memory! I really like this idea of making backgrounds by yourself and you will also be the only one! :smiley:


Wow, you know the exact time! Why did you memorize it? Also, don't go thinking I'm a newbie. I've been on since August 2014. This is just my third account.


Great idea!:relaxed::wink::grinning::grinning::smiley::smiley::smile::smile:


Cool! Smart! :grinning:


I can remember random stuff like the exact time I downloaded an app, but I cant remember what I ate for lunch yesterday!


Wow. That's really impressive.