How to make a Complicated Spinning Coin

Hello! I’ll be teaching you how to make a Spinning coin (with easing!) It might look complicated, but only takes 30 seconds to set up! Here’s the image:

(Credit to @Crosbyman64)


Cool! You should also be able to just increase Angle by 1 since the sine block will automatically convert angles above 360 to their corresponding angle/direction


You could make a more detailed explanation


How this works is pretty interesting.

You know how sine and cosine can trace a perfect circle?

By using sine on the width that is amplified by its height, it’ll give the illusion that the circle is spinning in 3D due to the sine-wave pattern, where it spins the slowest when facing the viewer, and it spins the fastest when it’s side is pointing towards that same viewer.

Feel free to play around with the amplitude (300 in the image in the OP), to produce different outcomes…

The modulo on the increase angle is not required for this to work, I just did it because why not? (Also to keep the variable “angle” constrained to 0-359 in case I wanted to show the value in some text for some reason).

This works for other shapes as well, not just circles. You could have a spinning fan (with the wrong axis of rotation, lol) if you really wanted to.


This was super fun to play around with! I found that when you change the width to 400 x sine Angle, it makes it look sort of like a bouncy ball haha.


Glad you enjoyed!


Theoretically you could make it be a sideways coin by swapping the code, but haven’t tried yet