How to Make a Collab



I have seen sooooooo many people doing collabs and I want to do one with someone but I don't understand how people actually collab on a project. Thanks! Also, I will do a collab with someone once I learn what they are! Comment below if you want to make a collab!


First, ask if anyone wants to make a collab. It's easiest if you have an idea what to make in mind.

Method 1- Make another account and privately tell the members the password. Not recommended because of hacking. Make sure only one person is on the account at a time and make the project.

Method 2- Have one member make a draft and add some stuff to it, have the next member remix it by adding stuff to it, etc.


Ok, thanks! I will definitely do this!


We could do a logo together?


We could collab! What's the name if so?


Wait you are 2 people?


Find someone not busy

Someone nice

Someone who is about the same skill or higher then you!


No, why do you think that's?


Totally! How do you want to do it?


Idk you want to post it on yours or mine? (I kinda want to post it on mine) @TheLogoMaster


Ok. We can do that. You can make most of the game mechanics and I can do the design and stuff like that. I can also do some game code.


Ok I'll create a draft and a topic @TheLogoMaster


Ok. This will be great.