How to make a clone create clones?



@CodeHelp how do I make an clone create just another single clone? I want the people to fire things on this game I’m creating but i don’t know how!!!
You know how to open this kind of WIPs right?


from my understanding, you don’t


Sorry guys gtg see ur replies later ok?


Ok guys false alarm lol


The same way you make the original object create a clone.

Are multiple clones being created when you only want one>


Yeah but when the clones are created, the original object means the clone or the clones’ original object?


Yep… that happens


Original object always means the object with a clone index of 1.

Could I see a screenshot of the code? (Or if it’s in the link in the OP which object is it in) I couldn’t find anything in the link, but I might’ve missed something. I’m not the best at finding things.


Original Object always means the object that was on the stage (which is Clone Index 1, as Petrichor said)


It’s on the “spawn people” block


Oh thanks @ThinBuffalo @petrichor


If you already have some clones and need to create 1 more, it doesn’t matter whether the original object or an existing clone creates the new clone as long as only one more clone is created


When object is cloned
Check once if (self, clone index) = 2
Create a clone

That’s to make the first clone create a clone.


I can only find a create a clone block in the place where it creates a new person, and makes sure that only the original object creates a clone. Is that what you meant?


Yeah but I want that clone to be on the position of the opclone that spawned it! That’s what I meant if you didn’t understood…


Sorry, cloning doesn’t work that way. The clones, regardless of whether the original object or another clone creates it, always start at the location of the original object


And do you know any method I could manage the archers to fire arrows?


Sure, but it depends a bit on project specifics.

How many archers can there be?
How many arrows can an archers simultaneously shoot?


Archers: the amount the player wants to have
Arrows: 1 in 500 milsec


Arrows: 1 in 500 milsec

Ok, but are they 1 at a time (per archer)? So an archer fires an arrow, it hits, and when 500 ms has passed the archer shoots another?