How to make a Clean Project!


Okay, I'm guessing you want some advice on how to make a neat project.
You've come to the right Topic! Below are some ways to make your projects clean and neat.

  1. Don't make your project WAY too colourful. It's makes it easier on the eye, its best to stick to about 6 colors that compliment each other. Make sure that the colors that you pick are not too flashy and not too light. A mixture would make your project more interesting and pleasant to look at.

  2. Keep away from emoji's. it's fine if you're coding an emoji but emoji's look very cheap and they don't add much to the project. When you code an emoji it looks better and you can customize the emoji in any way you find looks good. If you're making an emoji based project you'll have to use emoji's though.

  3. Make sure your projects looks good on the inside. If you're aiming for complicated or lots of code then you'll find being organized in your editor is just as important the code. When you order projects nicely and keep organized you will find it helps you know where things are, and it'll make it easier to focus.

I hope you found this helpful!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Emojis are messy, and give you less creativity than █.


I know, there sort of cheating in a way.


I agree! Yeah. @Petrichor Emojis look really weird sometimes with Hopscotch, and it's more creative to come up with your own design. It's nice to think about how you can make things.

And the colors? Yeah, keep to one theme, not rainbow or too neon. It hurts my eyes when they constantly change color or get brighter.


I've found that Neon Colours make me want to look at a project.
But you shouldn't use TOO much or the project will look too flashy


Yeah, that's what I mean. I hardly ever use those colors all by themselves and use literally ALL of them.


I like neon green, it looks really nice. However I don't use Neon colours that much.

EDIT: I hate auto-correct! It's always getting spellings wrong!


I like the neon green for your profile picture, that's nice. I don't really use them that much either.

Edit: XD autocorrect is SOO annoying.


But then again...

Which one's better?

There are lots of art styles, therefore I believe that you should simply choose the best one. ^^


I know Rawrbear, I'm saying don't use WAY to much colours.
Can I base a Project from that?


Personally, I believe that even a project with a ton of colors can look awesome with the right aesthetic/design. ^^

I see your point, though. If they're scrambled all over the place, it will not look good.


Great topic and great tips! I´ll add this to MobCraft´s topic portal.


Well put! I totally agree!


Thanks for the likes :D


Remember when back when projects where made of almost ENTIRELY emojis? They're a major aspect, but it's also good to use text characters and images...


And they're less fun than creating your own. Similar to images.