How to make a claw machine?!



Hi guys! I am working on a huge project but I need a timer for it. You'll get full credit, i just need to know how to create one. Thanks! @OrangeScent1@crazygoat@Valgo @MagmaPOP @PopTart0219@LazyLizard

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Count-up, or count-down?


If you set a value to the time you want, the increase it by -1 and make it wait like 1000 milliseconds, then Put in the block repeat forever with a text block inside it that says set text to (the value name)! Hope this helps!


Ah.. Replying six hours late. I think you should do what @SmileyAlyssa said.


Count-down of 30 seconds or so.


Thank you! I'll try that when I have time. Oh, and you're making... lets say a logo and you need a BUNCH of different emojis, would you clone one, or just drag out multiple text blocks? Thanks!


It would be less laggy to drag out multiple text objects.


Okay, thanks. I'll just do that then ^_^


Awesome! It totally worked! Thank you! This is awesome!


Yay! You are welcome!


So if I was making lets say a game where someone is being chased (by the way this is all going to be the same game)... How you would make one object follow or set it's position to another object but where the player chooses where the object goes? I know it's confusing!


Nevermind, I figured it out. Values! :DDD


Hmmm... You could say replete forever set position to like (that text) Y position and (that text) X position - 100? And if the player wants to move that person somewhere, you can say when the iPad is tapped or pressed move to my finger!


Oh! Sorry I was typing when you said that


Nah. It didn't work anyways! this is actually hard :|. I'm making a claw machine but using eight different platforms as the claw.


So then when I press drop I need two more blocks to follow the platforms.


Cool! Maybe I can try making something like a claw game!


Yeah! I'm making a lottery version though, where you can win likes and follows and drawings :))


It is done! Thank you so much! I gave credit by the way :wink:


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