How to make a challenge in hopscotch!



They are so easy to make! click here for the link for my challenge! so first of all you've got to think of the problem
So here's my example!

so now you've down that set it all out and give a hint

Ok! Now test it out! And do what a hopscotcher would do!

Hope this helped!


Very good tutorial, It's also good to make the challenge fun and amusing! It's good to put lots of exclamation marks in your instructions!


Thanks so much! Ok will try putting that next time!!


Awesome tutorial @Trendygirl! Like @AHappyCoder says, it's very good. Don't overdo exclamation marks though :wink:


I personly don't do '____ likes for next challenge', as I prefer getting likes if people like it

  • yes
  • no
  • doesn't matter


BTW like your chellenge


Sorry, but I don't get many likes on my games, only three or two and I work quite hard on them