How to make a Calculator (not for the faint of heart)



Ok. I’m just saying this right now: THIS PROJECT IS NOT FOR THE BEGINNER CODER!!! THIS IS VERY, VERY, VERY ADVANCED STUFF!!! Anyways, to start off, make sure you know about Values. Also if you create a project off of this please credit me as this is my idea. Ok, let’s start off.
So basically you want to have 2 values. At the beginning of the game you have to have a text set to the First Value. Then you have a text that says, “+1” or something like that to add 1 to your Value 1 or Value 2. So what you have to do is when the +, -, x, or / sign is tapped switch to Value 2. Then make the display switch to Value 2. Now the display should be 0 again. When the = sign is tapped, it recalls what sign was used, and it does the equation and displays it as a third Value. This is the code behind it:

For text that displays the Values:
That’s all the code you need! Remember: if creating this, credit me, LavenderShoe457, for the idea! Thank you!!!

How to make a calculator in hopscotch?

Good idea! Maybe you could build a fuller version with more options (X^2, etc)


@LavenderShoe457 I can’t see the pictures yet…


This is a really cool tutorial! Thank you for sharing it, it is really useful.



I was actually thinking of making a calculator a while ago. I didn’t.

Although, the method I thought of I saw fairly simple.


Also, your images are glitched.

Mine did that once.


Btw, it’s not really advanced as the +, - things is already done.