How to make a calculator in hopscotch?



Does anyone know how to make a calculator because I’ve seen many hopscotchers make them in there games


Well, the concept is pretty simple. I could write a super long text about how to do it, but multiple users has already done it. You can check one of these tutorial topics here:
How to make a Calculator (not for the faint of heart)


It’s acually pretty simple thanks to hopscotch’s operations that you can place in “check if” block.


have 4 variables, 2 for the numbers and one for the equation type, and one for the answer. This would only work with 1 digit x 1 digit, but the concept it similar for multiple digit (in my opinion)

When “=“ is tapped
Check if else
Equation type = 1
Set Answer to ((number1)+(number2))
Set Answer to ((number1)*(number2))