How to make a blur-ifier!


Have you seen my octopus blur-ifier? Well, here's how to make one for yourself!


Your need two objects- a colored square (can be a picture or actual shape), and any character.

I used a image.


Next, lets code they character. All you have to do is make it grow to your liking!


Now, the square!
You'll notice that some of the code is similar to a spiral draw! Make sure that the square is the same color has your character!


(When iPad is pressed)
Create a clone of this character
Set position last touch y /last touch x
Set size (you pick the size, I did 100 percent)
Set invisibility to 90 percent
Bring to front
Repeat forever 
Turn 0 degrees

Here's a picture:

If you have questions, just ask!

Requested by @AlohaHawaiiStudios, made all by me :D


Very cool! Great project. Awesome tutorial, too. I like how you annotated the images and also included text like this. :clap:




Could you show a final result?


Awesome tutorial! I'll go check out your project right now!





Aweosme project / tutorial! :smiley::clap::clap::clap: