How to make a 3D Emoji Draw



Hi! Do you want to know how to make a 3D Emoji Draw?
I hope you do because I’m going to tell you.

First, drag out a text object.
After that, take out a “when screen is pressed” block.
Then add a “create a clone of this object” block.
When you are done that, add a “set size percent” and set it to 300.
Now you can pick any Emoji you want. I’m going to pick a robot.
After you pick an Emoji, add a “set position” block to x “last touch X” y “last touch Y”
The last thing you have to do is add a “repeat forever” block and add “turn degrees -2” block.
Now you are done your 3D Emoji Draw!


Nice tutorial

Maybe you could add pictures to make it better?


Cool tutorial! Welcome to the forum, by the way.


Cool tutorial! Welcome to the forum! Tag me @Stylishpoopemoji33 if you need any help.


Nice tutorial, welcome to the forum.


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Also, cool tutorial!


Welcome to the forum!

This is a great tutorial, but perhaps it would be even better if you added screenshots or visual descriptions of what you are talking about.


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Welcome to the forum!!! Also nice tutorial, can you maybe post a link to a project that includes this so people can see the result without make one by their self.

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