How To make 3D text



Ok so before I talk about this. I did search for it but nothing came up so this is the tutorial.
First open a new project. In the character menu get two text objects

Now for one of the text objects type whatever you want. E.x. Your name
Once you do that go into the text object that you did not name and the when will be when the play button is tapped. Now go to looks and sounds. Pull out the set text block. In the blank got to key board and then type the same thing you put for the named object. And for the color put whatever you want except black. Note if you do red then when you ex out of the project while in play it looks like it is popping out of the screen. Now choose a grow by block and put in 150
Now go to the named character and put when the play button is tapped and then put a grow by block and in it put 150.
So now got to the blank text and add a new rule: when the play button is tapped : set position block. In the X blank put a + then in the first blank put Your named character's X position and then in the second blank put 4. Now in the Y blank put Your named Characters Y position
Now press Play


Great tutorial! I haven't seen a 3d text howto!


Nice Tutorial! Thanks, didn't know you could do this that easy :slightly_smiling:


You can also use clones!
You make a text and clone the text and move it a little.


Woah! This is a cool tutorial that would help some people that don't know how to do this.