How To Make 3D Ice Cream!



Hi guys! I'm going to show you how to make 3D ice cream! Yum! :yum:

First we need to make the cone.

First we need to make a value. (That is, after grabbing a text object from the + menu.)

We will use this value to control the width of the trail drawn throughout the entire ice cream drawing process.

Now we will use our Width value to draw a cone. Let's pick two colours for our cone. How about brown and white?

If you copied this code, your cone should look like the cone in this picture:

Time for the ice cream! How about strawberry?

Hmm... We need to pick 2 colours to mix. Light pink and red'll do it!

We also need to make it spiral upwards.

Copy this code to finish your ice cream!

If you followed all the instructions, your ice cream is now complete. It should now look like this.

Try changing the colours and code to see what happens!

Have fun experimenting and enjoy!

How do you make a 3D ice cream thing?
How do you make a 3D ice cream?🍦
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Hey @Mathgirl this is awesome! The explanations and screenshots are super helpful.

Why did you use two leave a trail blocks in the ice cream part? I've never made this before and am curious :grinning:

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This is really cool @Mathgirl I didn't see this way on my old account I did with on leave a trail and a change trail block. I like this way much better :hatched_chick:


Thanks @Liza! :grinning: Also, it would have worked if I'd used only one Leave A Trail block with a Change Trail Color block in it, but I've gotten into a bit of a habit of using multiple Leave A Trail blocks instead. :sweat_smile:


WOW! I have always wanted to know how to do this. Thanks


Yay! This is exactly what the forum is for :joy: :joy: :joy: (@Bubblyoreo @Mathgirl)


I always wondered how to do this! Thank you :smiley: , Ill deinitely be using this to create some fun projects!


Cool. I'll try it! I hope it works!!!!!:slightly_smiling:


I try this soon. If all goes well I will include this ice cream code in a game and I think so far in the end I'll be giving credit to you and one other person.


Thanks for making this I've always wondered how to do this!


Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I've been curious about this since I saw it on the 3D shading video!



I guess she could have done

Increase Value Width by -1
Change trail color to Red

But hey, she didn't, and that works to! Not trying to be mean or offensive so sorry if I am :blush::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::pensive:


Maybe your experience has been better than mine...

But my every attempt to make anything other than three-dimensional ice cream has been met with failure. I tried making one-dimensional ice cream on a hot, summer's day, and my whole batch disappeared through a crack in the counter top, and when I made two-dimensional ice cream and attempted to eat it, it cut my tongue. In fact, it cut my spoon. I'm still working on fourth- and higher-dimensional ice cream.

I agree with @Liza, I think @Mathgirl has a nice code solution to this problem. Much better than mine... so far.

Just tryin' to put one more smile in your day. :yum:


Why did @oio invite me to this topic?!?


You seemed to like a good giggle, @Hoppertoscotch. Just wanted to see if i could make you smile. No other reason. :yum:


Oh ok, I guess I can laugh at jokes pretty easily, oh, now I see....if only I was old enough to know what 1 dimensional is...


I think to make it 3D you have to alternate colours


A few free to use ice cream flavours:

Use dark brown and HSB(24,76,60).

Use white and light gray.

Use light pink and red.


wish i could like :heart:


Yay! I have been wondering how!

#Adding this to my bookmarks!