How to log out of the forums!



I forgot how to logout of the forum... Help? I... Need... To... Know... Because I forgot,... How do I logout?


I will help you! Click on your notifications then at the bottom there is the log out button.


What he said.


She. :blush:


I changed the title to How to log out? I did this so other people can see this topic :slight_smile:


Just like @HoppingBanana said, click on your icon in the top right corner. Look down and there should be a button that says log out. Hope this helps!


you know whats crazy. I was trying to log out and I couldn't find out how and this popped up and I was like :open_mouth:


Click on your profile picture on the top right hand corner. A menu will appear, with your latest topic notifications! On the very bottom of the menu, there is a ¨log out¨ button! CLICK THAT, and you should be logged out!