How to know if someone is online!(forum)



This is related to the form and my help A LOT
So I've seen people ask one another
"Are you online?"
So here's how to know if someone is online
I bet you already knew this but...

Click on there profile

You see?
It says seen six hours ago that means she in not online

but how do you know if they are online?

It should say "just now"

That means she/he is online
Tell me if I'm wrong so I can feel like a complete fool
Credits to @CatWithABrush for being online when I was
And @lollypopcorn for not being online Lel
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Nice tip for newer forumers or people who don't know this trick! :D

I use it a lot XD


I already knew this, but this is really cool for new users! :laughing:
Why did you remove the poll...??


I don't think anyone would flag this XD

Also I already knew this but I guess it's good for new people to know?


The poll's back but now it's glitchy XD


Why is the second photo not showing?!?!?!:scream::tired_face::weary::cold_sweat::tired_face::scream::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::tired_face::scream::tired_face::fearful:


I'm pretty new and I already knew this. It's actually quite easy to figure out. But it's cool.


It showed a while ago, are you talking about the one with @CatWithABrush??


Why is it not working?!?!
Does the forum hat.e me know?


Why would the forum hate you?


Nope it definitely doesn't, check your internet connection.


Cause it's not putting in what I edit D:


Hey, we can still understand what you mean without a picture, so it's okay. :D


Well if I don't have Internet then how could I be on the forum?


He doesn't mean literally XD


Oh I dunno



thank U



Uh, try putting it up again?


Okay let's get back on topic


I meant do you have a strong internet connection, anyway like @treefrogstudios said we kinda get what you mean. :blush: