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Lately, on hopscotch, I have seen many projects complaining about too much art. Many are suggesting ways to fix this “problem.” But it is no problem. There is the same amount of art that there was two years ago. And what happened then? The Hopscotch Team said it was okay. What we need to do is encourage coding. How? Slowly. For example, look at water. Over time it can grind stone to dust. But it takes time. Similar here. The first step I can think of is to convince the Hopscotch team to bring back the auto follow. I have been observing featured for months and have a list of people who I think would make good autofollows. I have included a link to their most recent projects so you can find their profile.

Creations of a noob



I recommend emailing tht with this list and a message asking them to bring back the auto follow. The next two posts will be:

  1. A sample message
  2. The list

Thank you, and please, help me bring back the auto follow, and inspire more people to code. If you email the team, post their response below.

~ Mutatio


Hello. I would like to let you know that a few users and I have an idea to bring more coding into the app. Bring back the auto follow. Below is a list of users that we believes would be a good fit, along with links to their latest projects. Thank you for reading. Creations of a noob Petrichor _cheezy


Creations of a noob Petrichor _cheezy


@omtl please do check this out.


Well atleast some artists still do code.
I code, i just post mini art projects to let my fanbase or whatever followers to know that im alive


I never complained about art.

The current amount of art is perfectly fine.


This is very smart and not just blindly yelling about art

Good job :>


in my opinion there is way too much and im a artist


It’s the same amount as two years ago.

It just seems more because the ratio of art to coding has changed


Oh sorry i might have missread that


I see ok.

What about Roleplays?
I find those annoying and haven’t done one on hs since 2016


Role plays are in a sort of grey area where it is unclear if they’re okay or not.


I think some role play is fine, as long as you create a seperate account for it so as to not annoy your followers


I see


Uh, we don’t need this. We can already do it with a simple set position block. I assume you already know how that works.


Okay, well, I love your idea, but I don’t really know who Cheezy is and would not like to follow Petrichor. So, maybe there could be another category on Hopscotch showing good projects with great code that Hopscotchers could learn from?


What a sad quote :(((


Obviously, we can improve the community by shoving a stick up our posterior.


Wait why


I’d be fine with the amount of art if it were easier to find good coders projects other than featured. Trending is almost completely art. This is why I think having two trending would be a good idea. One for art and one for code.