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You say that yet anyone can edit the JSON.

There are guides on how to do it on the forum, and all you need is the hopscotch app.


I have peaked into the js code for the player, and I used an ipad. There are numerous websites which anyone can access where they can do stuff like that. :cowboy_hat_face:


I think one or two are abandoned ideas, but anyone can still use them.

Yeah. Most projects with images from google image the images don’t go well together. In a game I’m planning I may Used images, but I’ll make them myself so everything fits nicely.

That same group of people, without the subscription, would still make projects of similar quality, but with worse design.

I think it’s Dino run.

A very small group of people consisting of approximately zero percent of the Hopscotch community.

I don’t seem to see anything like that.

You don’t often need it. In four and a half years, I haven’t bought it yet. I was given it for free in August, but I mainly used it to make spam projects and win a contest. (Which I didn’t even do very well)


Also I like that emoji’s hat. :cowboy_hat_face:


I don’t know how to access the JSON files, or the webplayer and I would be scared that I would mess something up… It does seem a little annoying that people who are using ‘special’ blocks get all the attention, just because other people physically don’t have access to that kind of system.


You go onto a website or something, then upload it from the files app.

Yo wouldn’t mess anything up if you don’t delet or replace anything.


Whether or not one has access to something, the matter of fact is the amount of people who even know about it. Very few would know about the JSON


And that’s why we tell people about how we edited the projects.

Yet again, they firstly do not get “all of the attention”, and secondly, that isn’t important.


:cowboy_hat_face: says “THANKS I LIKE MY HAT TOO”


Then use the search button! :smile:

There are lots of wonderful guides on here, and you can always ask a question about it!


yeah it is your topic :PPP


Then you tell me. [and @Petrichor tell me too]

What is the true purpose why you explore the functions of ‘special blocks’?
I don’t want to hear an answer along the lines of ‘for innovation’ or ‘to help people and hopscotch’


I think I’d prefer to leave now, and say goodbye, thanking those who view hopscotch as a place to help others, and improve it in the long run. It appears that Danglars and Mocerf have been offended by someone confronting his wrongdoing.

The app has potential; add a fee to purchasing it, and give a ‘month free’ for the subscription. Economically it should prosper.

Limit to 4 features a week. Push hopscocthers more. Don’t focus on bugs as much. Have more challenges ‘christmas’ or ‘thanksgiving’. Halloween worked well, do it mor elften with others. Feature certain hopscotches. Also, use twitter more often and show the works of the app to the world. Even advertise if you have to. It’s on the featured ‘educational’ on the App Store, so why not advertise more as well?

Add the ‘special blocks’ so that all can have access to them. Perhaps add a tutorial to help understand these blocks.

Encourage popularity to several Hopscotchers.

Sponsor, if you can.

Here is the economical tip; 10% of your life is what happens, the other 90% is how you react to it.
Thus, hopscotch was substantially prospering in 2016… now think… was it that period of time that encouraged this prosperity? That’s only 10%. 90% of hopscotch’s prosperity in this time was how they reacted to the time.
So he is my tip; what you were doing in 2016 was working well. Perhaps have another go at some of these techniques. Regression isn’t necessarily fatal.

Delete General topics and advertise this forum as a successful, coding forum which is collaborative and easily accessible. Get rid of fools like myself and others who don’t contribute to coding.

Never mind me, of I were suspended or something, I couldn’t care. I’d hope my business voice has had an impact, and that my projects of the past were not entirely forgotten and neglected.
Business, literature, and more… I’ve found my voice. Don’t stress about me. I’m working on a substantial project of my own.

Forget me. Remember my voice, and things I left behind. That’s what matters.

@Jordan: remember this; “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness”

– ‘A tale of two Cities’

(Basically, trends of time are unpredictable, and it cannot be blamed for one's demise. One can find the 'best' of the time and act with 'wisdom' despite the 'foolishness' and 'worst' of times.[ **You can do anything.**])


Someone change the title please.

Change it to; “Conquistador and Huitzilopochtli”

And to everyone else, never talk on this dump of a topic again. I wish to have no existence here anymore.

If you want to tell me something, quote my words on a different topic. I’ll get someone else to respond. If it’s rude, they should flag it. If it’s an insult, then you will be punished. If it’s a question, then it may have to wait a few months.


@BlastFusion Hey dude, it’s been a while. I have stopped playing hopscotch and got into graphic design. I just wanna say, hope life is treating you well. Hope to talk to you again.



Did BlastFusion get banned or something?


Seems like he has hidden his profile himself. Or he got banned.


I found out about that thing. Must be something new.


Nah not really. People discovered it some time in 2018 I think.

And he hid it himself, if you get banned or suspended, it usually says so and also says why


Late 2018 then


In matters of conscience, yes.

Well how can I satirise this forum? I feel as though it perfects in being the right sample to satirise, it symbolises a larger idea…