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That would be much appreciated.
Thanks for being the only hopscotcher that supports an app with so much potential. One day you’ll be honoured (as a hopscotcher) a lot more than these inexperienced coders who only code to gain fame (and repute) by; subscribing; and by going into the JSON and playing with what shouldn’t be.

Thanks, you’re a very decent coder :)


I agree 100%. The subscription is really annoying, as is people messing with the code to get special blocks and then getting all the fame. It really bugs me. Oh well…


Thanks for seeing the clear picture. And what they do is they make topics about it and claim that they are the ‘first to discover so and so’ when it was impossible to do so without ‘cheating’.


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Okay, sorry it took so long, but I had to do a few things which you wouldn’t like to get an example. Also I just started fifteen minutes ago. (Speaking of the example, I forgot to give it code. But I have a version which has code and it works like I say it will)

This is just one reason why images are good, there are many more.

So here’s an example. ThinBuffalo recently made a project to help someone’s.

It’s laggy when you have a bunch of them. A way to make it less laggy would be to use images. But images don’t get the colors. Unless they are white where you want the colors. So I remixed that project where every gumdrop foreground is white. Then I went to that remix in a web browser, and saved the foreground of the project when it only has a single gumdrop as an image. Since it has a transparent background, I added it to Hopscotch.

I found that using set color blocks sets the white to whatever color is in the set color block. I also found that this is less laggy. That’s one example where images would be useful.

Here’s the image I used


It certainly does seem like ‘cheating’ to me. Instead of spending the time actually adhering to how Hopscotch works, and making something look good with it’s limitations, is much better than just pasting in am image. I like the challenge of needing to make everything from scratch, using basic objects, or text objects, to make a bigger thing.


The problem is that very people would use subscriptions for that purpose. Nor did the hopscotch team intend it to be used as such. Even these good coders are getting it now, though I doubt for the purpose which you mentioned.


Another reason to use the subscription would be if what you’re doing for the design is negatively affecting the way your game Is played. For example, if you create unavoidable lag or you have to remove something to fit the design in, you should probably use images instead of whatever you’re already using.

There are also some styles that can only be achieved using images for example, if you wanted everything to look like it was drawn on Hopscotch [which you can’t unless you’re okay with it not looking very good] you should probably use images. It’s definitely possible to code it using clones and clever usage of shapes, but it’d create lag.

It’s also possible that you may be able to make certain projects easier to make, less buggy, and less laggy all while making the code easier to read. (For example, in a platformer style game)

There are also things which you can do with images that you cannot do without images, unless you limit other elements of the design. An example of this is animating hopscotch character’s arms. To do it in the app is easy, but limits the background. You could get a good looking image by taking the character SVG (which I use one of your projects for by the way) removing the arms, then turning that into a png or something. Do the same thing in reverse to get arm images and you can use those to animate the arms.

What purpose?



Why do you think going into the json is cheating? You can’t do anything more regarding code than you can using the app. The exception is these ”special blocks”, which a couple of users discovered by going through the webplayer file. These blocks were made by THT and they’re probably planning on adding them to the editor as well in the future, so it’s not

If THT wouldn’t want us seeing the JSON files, they wouldn’t have made it possible to access those files. However, right now you can easily save them from the File Sharing menu in iTunes.

Finding these hidden blocks and looking through the JSON is mostly a way of using Hopscotch to learn more advanced coding skills than what is provided in the app, and THT has made this possible, by giving us access to it.

I agree on the part about it being bad when images are used to bypass the efforts and quality required to create the designs yourself. Simply googling for an image or two isn’t hard, and coders who doesn’t do this should get huge credits for designing the graphics themselves. It is totally possible to make Hopscotch projects that look better, or as good, as they would have using the subscription.
Of course, as @Petrichor said, images can be used in cases where a good looking non picture design (made using for example text art) would make the game/project unplayable due to lag or the project crashing.
Another exception where a project made with the subscription would be considered high quality in my opinion is if the creator made the graphics and design themselves (assuming of course that they look good).

It isn’t really about fame,
Most people finding these blocks do it for fun and because of the challenge it provides, and the majority of projects using the hidden blocks do not end up on featured or even trending. The exceptions are projects that use advanced coding and good design even if you take away the “special blocks”.
If anything, they should get credit for managing to not only discover, but also work with an unfinished feature in the app and finding out how it works.


Sampling a proportion of subscribers, it is inevitable that more than 90% do not use it for the advantage of attenuating lagginess. That’s neglecting the fact that so few would even know about lag.

True true, I agree with all you said; I don’t expostulate the slightest detail in regards to the benefits. I have outlined the negatives, whilst you did the contrary. Subscriptions offer positives and negatives; just like medicine. It offers the benefits of relieving symptoms, however it’s negatives are the compulsive addiction and overuse, as well as no ‘long term’ cures of the cause of the symptoms. Too many people comply with the negative in both scenarios.

May I ask what project of mine you mentioned?


Well hello; I didn’t expect a huge essay to censure with such a minor, biased conversation with Mission_Impossible.

Though, I shan’t detain from expressing my perspective.

All your comments pertaining to the benefits of the subscription are entirely true; I do not expostulate. I was quite overwhelmed when hearing that you were going to get one (and conjectured that you yielded to continue coding manually) but later discovered that you do it regarding to lag problems.

From a business point of view, (heavily biased) it appears that you (plural) are paying hopscotch for overcoming their problems. The fact how you pay for overcoming what isn’t available appears not an accident, but a voluntary business strategy. Forgive me if I’m seen as insolent or incorrect here.

However, the JSON issue annoys me.
Let us say that there are 5 children, all of the same ability.
One lives in the Dharvi Slums
Another lives in Mesico City
Another lives in an average apartment in Shanghai
Another lives in a large house in New York
And the final lives in a chateau in the Vatican (which I know, doesn’t exist)

They were all offered a challenge to succeed in their studies. You are aware of the adversities and benefits each face. The child in the Vatican has accessed the finest libraries receiving the finest education, by his parents who have done anything for him. Then he becomes a huge success.

He did nothing wrong, but when compared to the child in Dharvi, who travelled kilometres to find a library, and gave up most of the pleasures of childhood to learn, without access to technologies, and using what he had to end up quite successful, it is quite obstrusive who put more effort into their studies.

When applying this, I believe it to be unfair how (I congratulate those who have, however) new things are discovered in hopscotch, which were entirely impossible to those who didn’t have access to the JSON, and these people gain respect from it. It’s like sitting an English exam, and showing extra knowledge instead of using textual evidence from the passage. But what if this person got higher than one who used textual evidence from the excerpt (assuming that he used it appropriately)? Is this fair?

To sum up, I believe it to be true success when one has made the most of their resources, and found new pathways through that, as it is fair to all the others who do not have access to JSON.

I may be all wrong. I do not intend my speech to prevail your ideas, or to impede your prosperity.


I think what @BlastFusion meant was that not everyone has access to a pc. Therefore, not everyone can extract the json file to use on HS.

Not everyone can have this fun because of limited access to a pc and if they do, they might have malfunctioned software

However, I respect both views.


I agree with you 100% about the JSON stuff. It should be blocked off and the blocks should be saved for when THT are ready to have everyone use them.

The subscription is different though. They need to make money somehow and the subscription is their best bet. If they don’t provide advantages over everyone else, it wouldn’t be a worthwhile investment.


Thank you for summing it up.

I know the JSON special blocks are available, but the true purpose of hopscotch is to make the most of what’s been offered. Then we are on equal terms, and, everyone can find new enlightenment in their own ideas but suing the same materials. The special blocks appear to me purposeless in hopscotch, and better off in real coding apps as these ‘new’ theories in hopscotch are worth being put into real coding programs.


Okay, I got to go real time, bye!


Money is a huge problem. They should allow for the subscription, but not overly promote subscribed projects (neglecting the efforts of non-subscribed projects) and monitor the appropriation of subscribers, who, misuse it.


I too, feel as though you’re right there. I got on for 2 years without even needing it, which shows how frivolous it is.


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