How to improve hopscotch. BlastFusion. Closed


Yeah I get that.

Sounds fun. Which ones? (If you don’t mind answering that, I actually need book reccomendations so why not?)


Count of monte cristo
Jane Eyre
Heart of darkness


Cool. I’ll check them out :))

No idea what to say. What do people normally say to legends?


Not sure myself, since I am not one


Uhh yes you are,
You’re literally up there with MagmaPOP


Thanks :)


You’re welcome :))
It’s completely true


This is the first time I’ve been on this topic, but I agree with @FearlessPhoenix, you are practically a legend. You’re up there with COAN and MagmaPOP.


Uhh excuse me no. He is a complete legend.

Definitely. My list’d go as BlastFusion, COAN, MagmaPOP, DMF, FoodDelivery, etc.
BF is actually prob above MagmaPOP for me personally


What about me DDDD:::


You’re uhhh second on my friend list?

Y, no offense, but uhhh, they’re a bit better…


Thanks so much
And @Mission_impossible!

You two make me want to return. It would be strange though, to do so…


For the remaining hopscotches, you’re definitely the best one there. I don’t know if valgo is active or not, though.


:)) No problemo

You should come back. It mostly art and role playing and chatting… we need more amazing projects.
And the return of a legend would probably make people wanna code more


Nah. Valgo isn’t that active anymore.
I’m not even sure when his last project came out. It was a fairly long time ago.

@petrichor eseoyuogtanemilpmoctorfmsalbtoisufn. tahtsettebrahtnanemilpmoctorfmem…


btw im still trying to make floor is lava


@BlastFusion! You’re alivveeee!!


I may consider it, though I’m quite unsure. Petrichor is good, but all these other popular people quite annoy me by messing with the JSON ( [as how I see it] falsely gain the reputation of an advanced hopscotcher) to get popular.

The subscriptions seem to be taking over everyone and everything, (some impressive hopscotchers have given up their efforts to the subscription, as I’ve seen) and I doubt my non-subscribed projects would stand out against (subscribed) projects of the same quality, with one quarter the effort. This effort isn’t seen however, which is why my projects would probably be seen as meaningless.


I actually agree with you 1000% on all of that.
That’s the reason I don’t code on HS that much anymore. People just use images instead of actually coding the thing, like a chair for instance. Before, you’d have to code the chair but now you can just import a chair image and not have to do that. The chair pic would prob get more attention than the coded chair.

You should still come back tho. You’d still stand out. Legend never do.e
Maybe, idk, like good coded projects? It’d give people inspiration to code more.


There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

I’d explain more now but apparently its one