How to improve hopscotch. BlastFusion. Closed


Then I guess it’s am or pm


fine pm u got me fren. well blasty probs wants us to talk somewhere else cause this is his gt


I just thought about that. And yeah we should move.


hm where though. interesting


I have no idea…
talk to a hopscotcher


ill tag u on the place im talking on too


@BlastFusion, since your bio says you like to read classics, have you read Journey to the Center of the Earth?


Of course
It was very easy, though had some unique ideas explored, which I believe intends to inform the reader that there may be immense masses of obscure science, in which hasn’t been discovered,


It is a good idea, though I won’t often make appearances on here
A good short story is a Christmas carol,
Heart of darkness is also really compelling


I personally didn’t enjoy the book, mainly because the main objective of the story is never completed, so there isn’t much major conflicts or problems, so it’s kind of boring


Pretty true, I did read that one quite some time ago.
If you want a book that really has no story structure, though touches you, read Gulliver’s Travels.


Hmmm maybe I will check it out. Trying to think of some other classics that I have Reddit. Have you read The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings? If you want to throw yourself into a whole new descriptive world just go read those books


They are good I’ve heard, but lately I haven’t been into fantasy as much. I’ve been reading more gothic books, with a lot of dialogue and family violence.
Thanks for the recommendations


Bye! :(


nooooo i couldnt talk to u


blast please stay for survivor it starts on wednesday


@BlastFusion!!! whATT??? your a good fren! wheRE hAVE you beEN?!


I’ve accomplished many things while not on here


What’ve you been working on? (Outside of HS)

It’s also super nice to see you again :DD


Ehhh I’d rather not share.
But I’ve been reading a lot of complex books