How to improve hopscotch. BlastFusion. Closed


Fantastic. I’m working on something too.


Higher Y position.
The leader at Ready has shown interest in my art/gifs and said he’d be interested in adding Gifs i make to the Ready app.

I’m busy at the moment and won’t be making any Gifs for around the next 6 weeks.
Instead of making 3D models, i’m going to photograph real objects from different angles and join all the images together to make a 3d Gif. The backgrounds behind the objects will be deleted.


Sounds great. However you must get the angles exact so that there is no ‘camera shifting’

I can’t believe that you got a direct message from the creator!


Yeah. There’s only a handful of members (non staff) on their forum at the moment.
The leader and staff members are quite friendly and answer most questions in a day or less.


I will have a look at that forum, I’m interested to see it.


Please show me! I’m excited to see your project. If you need help with JSON understanding or anything just let me know.


Here you go! :smiley: @BlastFusion


I have no interest in games. Especially shooting games.


Is ‘Moby D**k’ a good book to read? (Or, ‘the whale?’
Do you have any classics to recommend?


You should read twenty thousand leagues under the sea by Jules Verne. I’ve read it once and it’s very good. I should re-read it again sometime when I have time.


Hey Blast, it’s been a while.



@BB-Box hey whats up.

i just realised i havent coded in a while. oh well


Nothig really. I just woke up😅 Whats up with you?

I haven’t been coding much too.


eh same things, im in bed actually i cant sleep :stuck_out_tongue:
school just started that means less computers sadly


School starts at Tuesday for me, so I still have some days :D


LUCKY reeee i might sleep tbh

im normallynon discord now


Nice. I have discord too. Not using it much rn.


oh ok oml its 10:00 rn


Am or pm?


guess mwahahahahah

im evil hehe