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You know how a single ant can’t do much but a lot can perform complex tasks?
That’s what i’m starting to code using READY.
20 clones are try to climb a mountain. They jump (bounce) when they collide with another clone.
I want the clones to act smarter and work together.
So if a clone collides with the mountain near it’s base. That clone will stick to the mountain for a few secs.
The if another clone collides with that clone the clone will stick to that clone
This will be done to form a platform that other clones can then bounce off to get higher up the mountain.
I want the clones to do more than this.
Each clone will have to have its own Counters (variables) that can change to affect the clones actions.
Sounds difficult, but i’m going to try doing this with an app that can’t do complex maths like Hopscotch or Scratch.


That would have a lot of clone sensitivity, hopscotch wouldn’t handle that.
I’m trying to code this

I hope hopscotch can handle it


Looks like you put in a lot of work so far.
I hope Hopscotch can handle all the symbols.

When sprites are off screen, you could set their size to zero.
Then set their size to normal when onscreen.
This might help reduce lag

You could reuse the same set text/Unicode by having it appear at the screens bottom when scrolling off screen at the top.
Use a variable so 1 = a line of trees.
Then when the trees scroll up offscreen, set the variable to 2.
2 can be two trees,spaces,then two trees.
This can scroll up from the screens bottom.
This is just an example .


Thank you. I will try that out
Should I use █ or emojis?


I think emojis are higher resolution than some simple unicode symbols.’
So maybe unicode symbols would be best.


Okay, I might do that but it depends as I need various colours


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If you had around 20 clones jumping around the screen, when the clones collide, how would you code to detect which of the clones is higher up the screen than the other?
Imagine 6 clones colliding with other clones at the same time


Exactly, that is what I need help on.


When you say “higher up” do you mean higher up on the Y axis or do you mean like in front of? (Bring to front/send to back stuff)


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