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Brother Jonas appreciates your Amen
Amen brother Jonas





Amen amen amen amen amen
Brother jonas

Now where could brother jebediah be?


On a scale of one to praise the Lord Jesus, how do you rate our faithful brethren hallelujah amen


i rate it praise the Lord Jesus


Praise the Lord Jesus hallelujah amen thank thy brother Jonas and give to the offering basket, I might just have to take some more communion today amen


amen to that


Brother Jonas sayeth the amen in a verrily most honorable way amen


hallelujah brother jonas amen


Amen Jonas hallelujah praise the brethren amen


amen jonasssssssssss


Brother Jonas
That one Jonas Brother named Jonas


that one brother named Jonas



Now that is a lovely brother Jonas amen


Yay I got flagged!! Finally my second (third?) flag. Thanks, “multiple” people!
Elle XD.


Oh Senpai, if flags are what you desire, I shall immediately proceed in flagging all your posts that are remotely improper.


Pleaseee do!



Just in case you haven’t caught on, (but since you are senpai, I know you know everything) I am not really going to flag all of those posts. I still can’t believe you responded to me!