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i hate how everyone is so mean to you


Ur online

Someone’s online I’m not alome


Check it out, F and k is totally banned sort of


in response to the title, im already woke, thanks
also wth is ‘bitcoin’ in the tags


Try and tag me now y’all


i am now



Hi! I’m online! You wouldn’t happen to remember me would you?


I replied to you
My post is pending AGAIN :rage:



I want to see my pending post


Wow bias??? I just posted a post as a test (it contained a blocked word) and it went through with no message or block?

It mightve been slow idk


Ok wow several swear words/variations of those arent even blocked even though “hell” is wut



Yes sir I do

What’s up?

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Um, I don’t know you…


Sorry I’m AHC just an alt


Oh, okay… You’re gmail account… HOW COULD YOU!!!


So I tried to be funny so made an untaggable ac
Then Jonny game found a way around the ( trick

The discourse rekt everyone and now I can’t be ragged which was the whole point in the first place


It recently occurred to me, but I think that the hopscotch is like the euro. Both, hopscotch and the euro are going to crash. (You have Spain, Italy and more countries trying to escape and go back to their Orginal currencies thinking that they will reduce the debt but then their currency will collapse immediately)

Hopscotch is going to collapse too. Part of the reason why I will not return, is because I now wonder where they are getting their money from. People have trashed the reputation of the app by both forum and app, and there are so many bugs which put people off buying subscriptions. I doubt that the money they make from subscriptions are paying for the taxes and expenses of running the app, so I believe that they are probably borrowing money, or trying to do the least costly things to the app. And when they borrow this money they will put themselves in more debt.

Whether they add a price to the app to buy, (which will cause a huge decline it downloads of the app) or keep subscriptions, people simply won’t buy, or get rid of subscriptions, then they won’t profit,

In August 2016 they could’ve added a small price to the app, but subscription would’ve either not been introduced, or for free, and that should’ve worked out. Slowly they can add small amounts onto the price to buy the app.

But now hopscotch are going to crash, wipe themselves out and all these hopscotchers such as COAN are showing the novice that subscriptions are unnecessary, you can code without them, (puts off buyers) which leads to the fact that hopscotch is not profiting. They better stop adding little features and make smarter economical choices,


I want to write a lot and look like I’m apart of this weird paragraph crew because why not? I mean really can I please be in? Oh right I have to mention 3 letters too THT does anyone else feel that’s an emote like T-T that’s one right?

Single lone sentence, gosh I’m so pale.

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Is this the last paragraph I need to type, I think so. Let’s add some positivity! Exclamation! IM REALLY NOT OK WITH THIS! Ha just kidding I am but caps can be useful right?


um ok?? idc


Can I get an amen?