How to improve hopscotch. BlastFusion. Closed


Why’d they limit the competition to the North America?


They will expand further later.
This is some thing new they are trying.
So they don’t want to be overwhelmed to start with.


eh im not gonna enter
looks cook tho


No more visits
I only came on because someone was bullyin Jonny


Wut, no.


leave more permanently next time, please

love you bud! <3333


he left awhile ago


i’m aware.


You got regular again lol




I leave when I’m in peace with everyone besides THT



Too many people on here are indoctrinated. I need some more thinkers like Stradyvarious.


Some ppl don’t realize they aren’t in control of their lives.

“I have to see this movie. I have to buy this game based on the movie. I have to listen to this song that’s in the movie. I have to follow this actress. I have to think and agree with whatever that actress says. I have to dislike ppl she dislikes. I want to be in the majority. When i have nothing civil to say in a debate, i have to call my opponoent BIGGOT


Couldn’t agree anymore. Literally no one realises that all the social media and most iPad games are distractions so that people don’t see nor understand reality. It’s just a world of indoctrinated sheep, who barely have the ability to think for themselves appropriately.


Here’s a get rich quick scheme.
Look at the price of a basic hotdog and make one yourself.
A hotdog i saw at a takeaway for $5, i was able to make for $1.20

Add some lemon juice,sugar,citric acid and tea leaves to water and boil.
Make Lemon iced tea for 20 cents instead of paying $2 or more for a 1.5 litre bottle.

Ppl don’t realise they could save $30 or more a day.
Saving $10,950 a year.


$10K can pay for groceries and maybe even all your water & gas bills


It barely concerns me of who my haters are. I know that a lot of these people he do, and I like that. It shows that I am not one who sits around and laughs, I challenge the authority of the forum, risking my identity.

A few good people to talk to about complex issues is all I need.


It’s just confusing, but how can a GBA game be a fake? How and why is it fake?


Hello I have not talked to you befor. But why do you always have to act so arrogant and hypocritical to everyone?


i hate how everyone is so mean to you :(