How to improve hopscotch. BlastFusion. Closed


Anyways I need to go and do something more important


Also, the only alternate account I have is @TinyDeskEngineers.


Well, this looks like a good segue into me leaving Again




Argh darn it
People are lounging topics and because someone spam flagged me I can’t see them.


I’m sorry but I don’t want horses topic to close !


Very well. Close yours too if it ascends.
And if you don’t mind if it comes here please do mine. Thanks


Hey as soon as everything clears up I’ll unlounge it


My new profile pic is of yes, darkrai
And also a character named Cyrus who sees the world the same way as I do. However he tries restarting the world

I do see the good of this world, though.


unlounged it :ok_hand:t2:


Sorry horse I just didn’t want your topic closed!


wouldn’t really matter
lost a lot of things already, my gt wouldn’t matter


D: I would have been ticked tho and then I would have lost regular


Meme Man has a nihilistic view of the world.


i want to get a gameboy for me birthday and ima invest in pokemon games


Same here


I don’t know.

I’ll just check this forum once a month now.
I avoid pretty much all subjects now as i don’t want to argue with anyone.
(Plus most forum members don’t want to learn anything new)


Linux is just an operating system, like Windows or MacOS


Don’t worry, unless you have Face book, there’s no way that the Zucc can access your info.


@BlastFusion @CreationsOfaNoob @memorablechickenyay

This is a great competition created by the READY team.
The team has achieved so much in such a short amount of time.
Now there’s better variables and a save game/data feature in the Ready software.
So if you live n America or Canada (which I don’t) you can enter this competition for free and try to win cash prizes.