How to improve hopscotch. BlastFusion. Closed


I’m waiting for him to reply


have fun with that
wait where do u live again tho


He’s being a total nuisance, constantly blathering over an incredulously ridiculous idea.

Hmm, I’d rather not share my location.


hahaha okay

alright, that’s fine


Hey @player were waiting for u


Sorry to bother you :frowning: entschuldigen Sie mich


they read books but not at the college level because they’re 10 thanks ily


True, but looking up words isn’t too hard with Google these days.

I’ve made lots of enemies on the forum
Little does this concern me
I have become emotionally stronger
And apply this to important situations.

Everyone’s opinions has changed about me and I am thankful.
I would like to emphasise that I am not a socialising slum, I have a life and am passionate to do what I desire to do instead of socialise on a pointless forum that has no morals also has lost its purpose of being ‘code related’


Yeah. Looking up a word isn’t hard at all. I do it all the time. That’s how I learned a lot of my English.


but you have also made a lot of friends, blast.


I’ve also made some fire
Gonna cook up that raw meat now


Wait excuse me your vacuous sentimentality has caused me gastrointestinal pain when excreting vacuous sentimentality.


hahahaha burn the raw meat


Now it looks like the perfect time to conclude myself on the forum.


Remember to hyphenate


I know your secret.


What is it?


If I revealed it to the public it wouldn’t be eh a secret anymore.


And you’d just deny it anyway


I don’t even have a secret from anyone here so I am very unsure of what you are saying