How to I make the game horizontal


I am pretty sure it was horizontal before I quit why is it straight now???


@Gohan0817 the new update made it so that you can only play it straight now
You cant make it horizontal anymore


R.i.p hopscotch 20 characters


The Hopscotch Team knows about it and they added portrait mode since it lets you see more of your code at once, and it's consistent with the iPhone editor. Maybe give it a little time first and see how you go with portrait :slight_smile:


I like portrait better!
I'm holding my iPad portrait right now :D

I hope they add both though C:


to make a game horizontal, you have to remix an old project you made and delete all objects.


I think the other mode is made by turning your iPad the way you used to use it playing Hopscotch.

Am I the only one knowing this?


Oh, yah!
I do that sometimes to play my old projects, but I much prefer coding in portrait :D


You can use a blank horizontal preset


xD what?? How am I lying and your post is not a "Cheat" @Sign_Out
I can do that too but the screen will be different. :rolling_eyes:
ANYONE can do that. Thats not a cheat. Plus why would I see your post which was the last thing that was posted.