How to hide or block text


I have a method of how you blurr the text out like this:

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What you do is:

Insert [spoiler] at the beginning and end of what you want to say. To reveal the blurred text, Tap it.

I hope this has helped if you don’t know this! :slight_smile:


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Another way to do this is to tap the gear icon, the press blur spoiler.


Nice tutorial! I did already know this, but I´m sure that some people will find this helpful!


Thank you. How do you become a leader?


Here is what Ana says about that:

The points above don´t guarantee that you can become a leader just because of that, but it´s a great start.


Thank you! They made a good decision choosing you as a leader!


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No problem. You are such an inspiration! Do people tell you this? You are a kind-hearted boy who deserves to have success in life. I hope you have a lot success!!! :slight_smile:


Really? That totally made my day. I wish you the best of luck in life too - with that kindness, helpfulness, and positivity, you will go far!


Did you see that @_sylvia_H.S is my secret account? I made it so I could compare what it would be like if I did a lot of coding. I’m sorry if you thought it was someone else or if you are unhappy.


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ha I knew all along


How? Was it that fake and bad?