How to hide a specific clone from screen?



Hi all!
I am trying to create a simple game where the hero collects items to get points. My issue is that when I execute the code where my character bumps to a cloned item character, instead of deleting the cloned character (item), all the cloned items get deleted.

Can you help me?

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I'm pretty sure this is impossible with clones, you would probably have to create abilities and different characters for each individual item, :neutral_face:


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just kidding... its


🤓 Hi, thanks for your comment. It would help me a lot if you can elaborate more on your comment.


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Just use another character, then.


Sorry, I am a noob!...let's say that I create a variable and increase it for every cloned object. When I check if my character bumped into one of the cloned objects, how do I check this? How do I get a reference which cloned object to hide?

Thank you for your time and help.


Sorry, I don't get what you mean.


You can check the code I did here.
An individual flame clone disappears when hit by a water drop.
Just study the code to learn how it's done

And you can thank @seawolfwerehorse for inviting me to the discussion.
You don't have to change a variable for each clone either.
The clones already occupy different y positions when they move.
I check the y position of the clone when it's touched by the water drop.
I won't explain any further. You can check the code.

@Phase_Studios you wanted to make a Bloons td game a while back but you were afraid of how difficult it would be to code for clones to be destroyed. If you look at the code at the link i placed you'll see it's not that hard to make individual clones disappear.


Well, maybe @MagmaPOP could help, because the Minecraft Maker involves clones.


Thank you, I shall try what you suggest. Happy new year!


Happy new year to you as well