How to help the forum!


Hey bear lovers thanks for all the support so I decided to write is topic

how to help with the forum and make it clean and nice place!

Here is a list to help the forum to stay healthy and fit with the bear lovers!

  1. Flag stuff that's inappropriate or offending and off topic posts like billybob saying CATS CATS CATS XD XD (thanks @Follow4LikesOfficial!)

  2. Report to leaders any weird posts that you don't feal good about or make you queasy!

  3. Be nice! No one likes bullys!

  4. Don't talk back! Don't do it to anyone!

  5. Treat others like they're you!

  6. Don't be mean back!

  7. Don't mad flag!

  8. Don't yell! it's kinda like someone saying GET IT TOGETHER!

That's mean do t do that!

  1. Don't let bullys make you leave just ignore and leaders will take care of them!

  2. Don't post the same thing over and over again!

And that is it bye! From the fluffy bear

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What to do next?

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Great topic! This will help a lot of new users (I am fairly new)


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