How to have trust level name next to username in posts:


Have you ever seen some hopscotchers username with the name of the trust level they have right next to their post? I don't know if this works with members or basic users, but you can do it for regulars and leaders (I think). Here's how:

First, go to your Preferences. (Located in your profile section and notifications bar. Just click on the cog if you're in the notifications bar.) Next, click Title. It should have the name of your trust level. Click on the pencil icon. It should say, Select a badge to use as your title. it could be none or the name of your trust level badge. Voila, and there you have it!


I just changed mine @Berrymelon! Thank you for teaching me!


I don't see title.


That's because you are only a member. Regulars and Leaders can have their trust levels as titles.


Oh :cry:


It's ok though. I'm sure you'll be a regular in no time!


Yeah! If you believe, you can achieve! Don't give up!