How to give a go signal



I am making a project but I want that when something is finished which has no definite time the scene or the background will change. How can I do that?


Set invisibility to 100% then/or draw over it


That's not what I meant to say. Don't worry! I just used values instead.


Sorry, I guess I should have exclaimed that 2...


Don't worry! I'll give you credits for trying to help!


Thanks sorry for not really helping...


Maybe next time you could try saying it friendlier? Just a friendly reminder that this may hurt someone's feelings


Sorry! I'm trying to! :sob::sob:


its okay :smiley: just remeber to be more careful next time
(im not mad and no one is hurt or mad as well so its okay)


Still, does anyone have better ideas than using values?


the wait block?


That's the reason why I asked! I tried using that but it wasn't useful in my case.