How to get the old editor back


Okay, before I start, a quick note; This does not allow you to use any of the latest features because the method used restores and older version of the app.

iPad (Not iPhone, because the old editor was never on iPhone)
Lightning cable
Your mac computer must have been synced with your iPad when it had the old version of the app.

WARNING As thin buffalo stated, this could be risky, and you should backup your projects before trying.

Here is the link to the website with the guide.

Serious problem
Can you get previous versions of Hopscotch still?

Very interesting!

Can you turn it back to the new editor?


Yes, you can. Once you go back to the older version, you can do it manually from your iPad. Just go to the app store and update it.


I'd speculate that restoring the old version would likely come with a risk of data loss or possibly render any projects created on a newer version as unplayable if they contain blocks (abs, mod, etc) that didn't previously exist.

Have you tried this?


Cool! I think a lot of people will use this hack!!


I have tested this, but on an alt account. I should probably mention that in the thread.

EDIT : I believe it is possible to backup a project using iTunes, but I am not completely sure how it would work.


Thanks. I'd hate to see anyone loose their hard work.

Project data is, of course, kept online. But forward-compatibility could still possibly cause data issues when downloaded to the old app. I'm just suggesting caution if not fully tested.

Still, it's an interesting idea.


I would totally try this! :slight_smile:
But the new editor is okay, and if you change back to the old version, you couldn't play all the stellar projects people have been making with the new editor! :slight_smile:
One of my favorite things to do on hopscotch is to see all the games and creations!

I also don't own a Macintosh. :frowning:


You can always update to the new version directly from the app store, and you might be able to use windows.


I wish this was possible if you didn't back up. I would really like the old editor back.