How to get the leader badge!



I know there had been a topic like this but this is my twist on how to get the leader badge let's jump right into it!

  1. Don't beg for it!

  2. Talk mature!

  3. Don't use LOL and OMG a lot! It's fine a little!

  4. Help people!

  5. Flag what's bad!

  6. Be a regular at least!

  7. Be nice!

  8. Be active everyday!

  9. Go in a bunch of topics!

  10. Repeat until you may get leader!

Hope this helps you!

Follow these rules and I am sure @liza will promote you!

Also like @OrangeScent1 said if you are changing your personality you aren't doing it right!

Thanks! From the fluffy bear

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These are great suggestions! This will definitely be one of the SBYP kind of thing!


thanks! And I don't care about SBYP because I said I know there is a topic like this!


Also, if you have to change your personality for leader, you're not doing it right :wink:


Yes tottaly! I will say that and give credit!


Great suggestions!! I would like to be a leader and save the topics (like the drawing one) but I don't know if I'll be a leader.


I would add to it that leaders ARE mature. They don't just talk mature. That's why all the leaders are over 12. :wink:


Ohh but I don't think you half to be over 12 to be a leader!


You're right @Gilbert189 :wink:


I am sure you will get leader one day!


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Nope! But you do have to be mature, and we get better at that as we get older. :wink:


Thanks! Lots of people wants me to be a leader. I'll just see what happens in the future


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I think I am pretty mature because even my mom said it because I don't run around and I don't like guns and I am not a boy boy!


Liking guns doesn't matter. I like guns and I'm a girl, but it doesn't determine my leadership,:wink:


F4LO: Online: Troll, nice guy (I hope), musician
Real Life: Troll, musician, class clown, not really "THAT" mature, smart (ish)

See the difference? I don't lol


Even though you aren't a leader does not mean you can't be a leader!


Yep and if you act like everything I am sure you will be one!


I feel like @Intellection74 Is really helping out the community and I think she deserves leader.