How to get the hopscotch forum app!

Well here you go…

Ever wonder why safari is just so DARN annoying? Fear not, as discourse has released an app that will allow you to run any forum website on your phone!

  1. Download discourse app. This app is rated 17+, but that will not matter if you only use the Hopscotch forum. (Easter egg: You may notice that the screenshot actually features the hopscotch website! This is because THT and @discourse work in the same building! What a coincidence!!! :O)

  2. Click add your first site.

  3. Type in and click done.

  4. Click connect.

  5. Authorize access to your account.

  6. You’re done! This is a much easier method of using the forum than safari!

Using this method, you can easily get notifications sent to your device, instead of waiting to enter your passcode and everything!


wait what theres an app for the fourm @Zachyswag

Uhm... what about the people on a school iPad?

Like me...


Well, you're out of luck then...

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Not this forum, just all discourse forums in general.

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And hello again. I have been summoned. :3

I know, I made three topics. Lol

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I feel like you're teleporting me from topic to topic :stuck_out_tongue:

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It worked! I'm using the app RN!


So am I!

I can finally remove the forum from my recommended section in safari


This is great! But I have a school iPad.

Do you have an iPod or anything at home?

Yes! I am planning on getting the app on my iPod (:

Good 4 u! This allows you to play games, then get a notif to your phone when you get a reply!

I was actually playing a game, then you replied just now!


What do you mean by game tho...?

This is a great tutorial!

Because I was in another app, then I got a notif.

Lol, it said "isn't" first! Haha

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Yah I know, and has soon has I saw it I editited it :joy: Sorry, I ment is!