How to get the forum black



You might like black or white is to bright, don't drought! WARNING: if under 18 you need permission and NOTE: may not work where you live and your ios and your model
Go to home screen
General settings
Slide the invert colours to on
Go to firum and your done
NOTE: the avaters ect. Are also inverted
Don't forget to leave a like!


I dun get it I do it all the time


Same, just I didn't want to get sued because I never mentioned you'd get in trouble and young kids accidentally muck up and reset the entire iPad!


Oh. Yeah. I 4got bout that.


It looks very cool however it takes up more battery


How was I meant to know?


I know this already. I've known it for months.


Lol I have no idea :stuck_out_tongue:


What how is turning on invert colors overage only


Yo Bois how ya doin I’m doin fine


Doing good