How to get ™ symbol



This is a simple how to that most people already know, but some don't.

You may have seen names like this:

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the way you get this is going to the symbols part of emoji.

That's it.

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You just copy it and paste it in your username



I just have it as a text replacement, on my iPad. Along with © and ®. :smile:


™ is the right one, right? Thanks


@dude73 they're on emoji keyboard ®©™:currency_exchange:


That's so cool! I never knew how to get ™ but now I know!


On an apple keyboard (mac, macbook etc) just simply hold down 'alt' and 'shift' and the press '2'. Then, the ™ symbol should appear!


U discovered that on Monday but forgot.


I can't read minds.... Or can I?

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