How to get secret emojis like (^_^) (╹◡╹)



Have you ever wondered how to get stuff like this (^。^) or this ( ^ω^ )? Well if you follow this tutorial, you can!

Go to settings
Tap on keyboards
Tap Keyboards (again)
Tap Japanese
Tap Kana

Boom! Your done!

How to get it
Press and hold the :globe_with_meridians:
Tap the thing with a bunch of symbols (I kinda do not know)
Go to the ☆123 tab
Tap ^ _ ^
Boom! Go ahead and choose!

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Feel free to test it! (^。^)(^ω^)


You can also get RainbowKey to get Benny: ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)


I thought it was Romaji /(^o^)\


Hey, hey, coolio topic and very helpful.

Technically tho, I think it should go in random stuff, cuz it isn’t open source code, or a coding how-to

I’m gonna move it there side you’re a memeber, but just giving you a reason


Have you seen my glitchmoticon topic?
It is very interesting



It is kind of coding how to. So…


\( ‘ω’)/I finally know how to do it!


Your welcome! (^○^) ( ^ω^ )


I’m gonna go crazy. ☆彡(╹◡╹)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(๑╹ω╹๑)


(^^)^ ^(^^)(^ν^)(^ω^)(╹◡╹)


I do agree with that, but it is also related to coding in one way, but I would personally put it into #random-stuff too. I haven’t moved this topic yet though.


No… Use Simplified Chinese, then Shuangpin… Press ‘.?123’ then ‘#+=‘ then ^_^


It still works with Japanese (Kana)