How to get Regular! πŸ˜„



Ive gotten quite a few flags, but does that mea I can't get regualr?


How many? Do you know?


I'm not sure exactly, but If try to be as active as possible on the forum you'll receive the badge.

@Elemental_Cat, Only if the flags were approved by THT.



I got a few that Rodrigo moderated.


This was so long ago! ._.


Congratulations on recieving regular, I can see you put in a lot of work for it!!


How long till I get regular? @pumpkingirl


All the requirements for regular are posted at the top post, I had a quick look at your profile summary and I think you need a longer read time, and to have logged in for more days.
Over time you’ll increase both of these. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is this true? I feel like thats too low


I read through a good few topics about hopscotchers wanting to gain regular before writing this.
I think all of the information was correct at the time I wrote the topic, but feel free to change anything if you feel it’s not right. :blush:


Remind me later i think i can find it then.


I think I got like 5 flags, but in 100 days does it completly reset?


Yes. Plus they upped it on this forum to I think 25.