How to get Regular! 😄





Yeah...and I saw this just after I got my regular.. XD




I guess I'll talk here
Except I can't talk until 10:50 Pacific

Also, thanks @Rawrbear, that helped a lot
(I haven't seen that post in forever, I forgot how hard it is to get regular)


Okay, can you tell me what you're missing from being regular?


I know I've posted here for over 50% of the days, but I think I need to read more posts. I've read 30K in total, but do I need to read 10K in the past 100 days and 25% of posts in the past 100 days?


Have you ever been flagged, talk to you more when you come back. :slight_smile:


Nope, not in the past 100 days. I've only been flagged twice in my spwhole time


I just got Regular! Nice topic!


Ive just checked your stats/summary and you need to read some more posts, good luck!

Thanks @Hitokage and we'll done on getting regular!!


All right, that's what I though

(Do you know how many?)


Well you need to read a high percentage of the posts created in the last year, so I'd say Atleast 5,000 more.


Ok, not too bad


Hey, guess what!
I got regular today :slight_smile::upside_down::slight_smile:


Congratulations!! :laughing:
I hope this topic helped you reach your goal!!


Yep! I read like 2000 posts and read all the new topics! Thanks!


I have all the things that I need for regular but I still do not have it. Help!


That's weird, have you ever been flagged?


Never. lol I'm such a goodie goodie on HS and irl


I've just read your stats and think you need to have read more posts on the forum?