How to get pass Discobot advanced user tutorial?



I'm stuck on the part when you have to delete and undo your posts.
The forums automaticly deletes the posts when I press it.

Help please!


Hmm, I don't really know how this works :o
I'll start it up and see if I can figure it out for you :D


Yeah, this forum doesn't actually have the option to undelete a post, but you can reply with "skip" to skip a step.


That's what I was about to say, sooo, what CreationsOfaNoob said :D



Guess what I earned!


Congrats! :D


That's really cool!! Good job, and congratulations!!!!! :D


Cool! I was the third to earn that, btw. And the first to earn the new use one.


Yeah I am stuck too!


how do I get onto the tutorial (cant find it!!)


Type @discobot start new user or @discobot start advanced user