How to get over coders block!


So many people say that they don't have any ideas, or that they have coders block. This is the ultimate guide to getting over coders block! These are ideas to do and code.

This isn't a idea list, but it has some things that you can do. (You will see) please don't tell me to SBYP, because this isn't like a idea list. It's how to get over coders block!

Take requests

If you don't have anything else to do, take requests! It will give you something to code, and you (hopefully) won't procrastinate and finish it quickly because it's for someone.

Do challenges/contests

There are many coding challenges and contests out right now! Do some! It will give you something to code, and you might even win prizes!

Links to challenges!

Some links to challenges: ( for contests, I didn't put links, because depending when you read this, the contest links will become outdated!)

Take a break!

If you really can't find anything to code, take a break for a day or two. Spend some extra time on the forum, or just go outside and do something IRL. An idea might just pop up!

Ask your friends!

Ask you hopscotch friends! Like, I might say, @myfriend, do you have any ideas or requests for me?

Ask your siblings or family!

Sometimes I will ask my brother: If you could have any game in the world, what would you want it to do/how would you play it?

Usually he answers with some huge complex game idea, and I just simplify or base a simple game off of it.

Make a challenge!

If you have nothing to code, you might have some extra time on your hands! Make a challenge, and then You will be busy with that! This will take your mind off of not coding, plus, you'll have an excuse to why your not coding! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I hope you like this topic, and hope it helps you!

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Nice topic! I'm going to bookmark this for when I have no ideas! Thanks for making this topic!


Thanks for including one of my topics!


Thanks for the positive feedback!


No problem! We both made a ten day coding challenge, and I thought yours was really cool!


No problem! You deserve the positive feedback, this is an awesome topic!


if you have other ideas or strategies for this, tell me so I can add them!


That is kind of a coincidence because I don't have any ideas right now and that's why I started taking requests again. XD


Amazhang topic I siriusly need :joy:


Nice topic! :smiley: