How to get on Featured or Trending



Make something New

Make something that nobody's ever made or something original like a 1st person fish tank

Be Nice

Try being nice or publishing so thing insprational that inspires people


Try drawing or even making a draw pad! If your not good at any of those things then maybe ask someone you know who's a good artist draw for you!

Be Creative!

Think of something not many people have seen yet. Look through Featured and see what there isn't or look through Trending.

Be Persistent

Remember lots of projects don't get on Featured but don't worry there are more than 200 people on Hopscotch! You just need to keep trying. You don't think MagmaPOP's first project got on Featured did you?:wink:

I hope these help. If you have other ways contact me by doing @Niftynia75


Great advice!
I think this will help some hopscotchers get on featured or trending!


Great advice! Love it you should be a leader!


Thanks! Do you have any advice for anyone?


Not right now! I think you've done a great job covering the important stuff! I'll let you know if something pops into my head!


What about be creative?


Try to make something that YOU would enjoy.


I love that advise! But the problem is, there are so many cool projects out there and so many hopscotchers, it might be really hard to get noticed. (Sorry, I am usually a very happy person)


The draw option will NOT help and for some reason I can't edit it.

Just wanted to put that out


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